List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics In The Medical Field

Argumentative writing offers students an opportunity to discuss matters they like most, although a lecturer can limit the debate by specifying a topic. Students think that medical topics are hard to write about. Students can, however, succeed in this type of writing by first changing their mentality about it. This is the same case in challenging fields such as medicine and engineering and subjects such as mathematics. For instance, many, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to discuss things they like, think it only as another academic task. The first step, however, is deciding on a topic or topical area that you like most.

Here are some suggested argumentative essay topics you might want to consider:

  1. Patients and right to die: Writers can take a position on whether assisted death is acceptable in the public eye or not. In addition, it is advisable to focus on legal issues surrounding these controversial issues.
  2. Right to universal healthcare: The matters up for discussion in this case could include the right to treatment, socio-economic factors surrounding universal health care, ethics of healthcare practices, benefits and history of universal care in a given country. One might also discuss policies that limit access to healthcare or those that need to be adopted in order to improve the situation.
  3. Healthcare insurance: This is a divisive area in medicine, with issues such as whether or not compulsory insurance is acceptable, ethics of denying coverage to ill people, and ethics of general healthcare practice dominating the show.
  4. Abortion: This one is an obvious argumentative essay topic in medical field, having been around for so long. Issues to discuss include its legality, religious aspects and ethics around it.
  5. Availability of treatment: While some geographical areas enjoy good medical coverage, others do not. Writers can focus on the disparities among various groups with regard to accessing health care and what should be done to improve the situation.
  6. Access to treatment options: Do various groups of patients afford all options? What are the challenges making it hard for all options to be easily available to all groups and what can be done about it. One can also educate the readers on the possible solutions for improving access.
  7. Shortage of healthcare personnel: What are the factors contributing to such shortage, for instance, and what can be done to improve this?

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