10 Thought-Provoking Topics For An Argumentative Essay On Euthanasia

In today’s society, we have either personally watched or seen stories of individuals being seriously ill (or in pain) to the point that they no longer want to live. No matter how much we care about a specific individual, if we truly of them (whether it is a friend, family member, or significant other), obeying their wishes is something that we will just have to abide by.

Euthanasia is the process in which medical professionals take in order to end one’s life (with the patient’s discretion and/or guardian’s decision). Everyone has mixed opinions about whether euthanasia is an ethical practice that should take place. Many debates and arguments have formed based around this to the point that the practice is illegal in many countries around the world.

In this article, we are going to list off 10 thought provoking topics that you could question/think of when writing your essay on euthanasia.

  1. Why are many countries from around the world banning the practice of euthanasia?
  2. If the patient previously stated clearly for themselves (whether it is written, verbally, or through video) that if such situation was to occur that they are okay with euthanasia, then why are individuals not upholding the patient's wishes?
  3. What countries currently ban the practice of euthanasia? Do they have any specific reasons as to why they will not accept licensed medical professionals to carry out such procedures?
  4. Who is the individual(s) that are capable of making the decision of euthanasia if the patient is unable to verbally express the decision for himself or herself?
  5. What are the exact methods used with euthanasia?
  6. Is the practice of euthanasia humane?
  7. Throughout the deciding process of this practice, is there a certain amount of time that is allocated to licensed professionals/caretakers/patients saying yes to carry out euthanasia?
  8. Should we be required to clearly state our decision to be okay or not okay with euthanasia in the worse case scenario if we ever become seriously ill?
  9. Are doctors capable of making this decision without the “okay” from family members/caretakers/friends?
  10. Should this practice only be set in place for those that are physically ill with life threatening sicknesses such as cancer, AIDS, etc.?

When writing your argumentative essay on euthanasia, put yourself on both sides of the perspective. How do you feel being the person to make the decision for your loved one? Are you okay with designating a significant other/family member to make the decision for you, in the worse case scenario you face a life-threatening illness?


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