Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is the act of violence or threat of violence in the workplace environment among coworkers. On a broader spectrum, it is also considered a variation of types of behaviors which include violence or alike conduct, generating a concern for safety, as noted by the Society for Human Resource Management in the American National Standard version of Workplace Violence Prevention and Intervention. This violence spans over different types of abuse, whether verbal or physical. It’s important to know the signs of risk in workplace violence and hazards to avoid. According to the United States Department of Labor, nearly 2 million workers in America have been victims of workplace violence per year. Unfortunately, many cases go unreported due to anxiety of any career complications. It’s important for all people to know the risks and characteristics of workplace violence and how to cautiously handle them.


  • Those who work with money, such as bank-tellers or cashiers are at an increased risk for workplace violence.
  • Those who work hours that are unconventional, i.e.: late night or early morning hours also have a heightened risk for violence.
  • Extensive public contact also has a heightened risk of workplace violence.
  • Those who work alone or who are solitary for a majority of the hours they work are also looked at as weak and have a heightened potential for violence.
  • Health-care and social workers have a large risk of workplace violence.

What to do:

  • Before accepting a job or hiring someone, do a thorough background check for any additional information that seems prominent or significant in the decision.
  • It’s crucial to accept the possibility of danger happening to you or in your workplace. This breaks the notion that it is impossible, and the shock-reaction that acts as a reaction.
  • Check for internal and external security.
  • Be aware of any heightened risk value that you, your coworkers or employees have to any danger or violence.
  • Have, suggest, or provide a safe environment for workers where there is trust and kinship encouraged.
  • Establish any grievances that you or your coworkers may have professionally and openly – many businesses provide procedures for grievances.
  • Stress the inherent need for sensitivity and humaneness in the treatment of workers, and act accordingly.

The truth of the matter is that anyone is at risk and susceptible to experiencing violence in the workplace; whether working in the public eye or in a quiet coffee shop, anyone is liable to experience workplace violence. It is important to take precautions and be aware of the most logical and safe responses to make during a situation which is uncomfortable and dangerous.


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