A List Of Easy Descriptive Essay Topics To Explore

There are many ways to describe a situation. A scene can be described purely from the physical feature present, such as the landscape and plant life. A description of the people and the mood of everyone present is another way of describing a picture as well as appealing to the other sense such as sound, smells, and visual environmental conditions. Here is a list requesting different aspects of descriptive writing

  1. Describe a coral reef environment, elaborate on the features present that help to visualize just what part of the ocean you are describing.
  2. A day at the beach with the family during some sort of popular beach event over the summer. There are lots of people of all ages and walks of life, as well as music from different cultural events.
  3. Describe the scene at a birthday party for a 5 year old.
  4. Its a funeral for a well loved person. All their family members are there and emotions are unchecked, Describe the mood of the people and how it contributes to the overall experience of a funeral.
  5. There has been a tragic automobile accident on the street not far from your house. You go outside to observe the scene or perhaps to offer assistance. Describe what you see.
  6. There was a robbery at the coffee shop where you work. The police are on the scene investigating the crime. You were working at the cash register at the time, describe the situation to the police.
  7. You go to a Caribbean island for a vacation during a carnival festival. Describe the different sights and sounds you see and hear.
  8. You are a first time sky diver just jumping out of an airplane, describe the experience.
  9. You are just exiting the theater after viewing a terrifying horror movie. You have to walk home by yourself on a moonless night along a deserted road. Describe the experience.
  10. Describe how you felt the first time you met your favorite pet.
  11. Describe how you handled your first experience at the dentist.
  12. You live in the city but have always loved nature so you travel to a tropical country to go camping. Describe your experience in a tropical forest.
  13. You are in a busy city mall doing your Christmas shopping. Describe the sights and sounds that come from everyone hustling with last minute shopping.
  14. Describe your favorite meal.
  15. Describe the most memorable experience you ever had.

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