Composing A Long Essay On A Summer Vacation: Useful Advice

Are you at school again after a long summer vacation? Are you ready to start a new successful academic year? You should probably begin with writing a long essay about your summer vacation. This task may turn out to be such a dreadful experience after a long time of relaxation and fun. Here are some useful recommendations that will help you produce an outstanding piece of writing.

  1. Get off on the right foot.
  2. An essay on summer holidays is a unique opportunity to start a successful academic year. Therefore, you should do your best in order to make a good showing at school. Do not just make a list of some things you were doing during your vacation. Get your imagination involved. Go hard to create an original, entertaining and ingenious piece of writing. You should develop on your progress as to, let us say, becoming an avid reader, a good helping hand to your parents, etc.

  3. Think it over.
  4. Try to recollect everything you did and saw during your vacation. Then pick up the most exciting and impressive facts. Sketch a rough plan of your essay. By doing this, you make sure that you won’t forget to include some important details in your paper.

  5. Make it logically built.
  6. Your essay should consist of an introduction, a main body and a concluding part.

    • Start with an eye-catching introduction.
    • Mystify your reader at the very beginning. Look for some apt quotations or catchy idioms. This will demonstrate your wittiness and your good sense of humor.

    • Go on telling your story.
    • Tell about your expectations concerning your summer holidays. Have you managed to carry out your plan into effect? Write about your adventures, journeys, sightseeing, interesting people you’ve met. Include a story about your new experience in your paper. It may be some part-time or volunteer work you were engaged in during your summer vacation, new sports activities, new countries, cities, etc. Write about some books you read or a foreign language you tried to master in summer. Prove that you are a well-rounded and charismatic person.

    • End up with a memorable conclusion.
    • Once you’ve finished writing the main body of your paper, you should finally summarize the whole story. Be witty and funny. Make yourself delightful to your reader.

  7. Proofread your paper.
  8. It’s absolutely necessary to read your essay thoughtfully in order to eliminate any spelling or grammar mistakes. You may use some special tools for this purpose. There are a lot of them throughout the web.


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