Great Ideas For Constructing An Essay About Global Warming

Writing an essay about global warming can be a much easier task if you were to choose a unique and interesting topic to focus on. We’ve come up with some really good ideas you can use as inspiration or to use for your own assignment:

  1. Do you believe there have been significant measures or initiatives introduced by first world countries in order to help fight global warming within poor and highly polluted areas around the world?
  2. Discuss the effectiveness of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in the combatting environmental damage because of climate change. What are its specific initiatives?
  3. How are the effects of global warming influencing warfare in some of the poorer countries in the world? Think about depleting water supplies used for farming and consumption.
  4. Do you think there is enough awareness about the negative effects and potential causes of global warming in your community? Why or why not? Do you believe more has to be done?
  5. What are the biggest political issues concerning global warming that are being discussed in the political races for office in the U.S. and other parts of the world? Do you think these discussions are effective in raising awareness?
  6. How have global car manufacturers contributed to research and studies being conducted to help find alternative and cleaner fuels to run their machines while keeping costs down?
  7. How effective are today’s clean air technologies in diminishing the amount of pollution that seeps into the atmosphere each year? Is there a large enough difference to continue the course or should people search for other technologies?
  8. What are the major causes of the amount of pollution that has entered the oceans? Is pollution at its greatest because of dumping by humans or by corporations and factories?
  9. What are the biggest concerns for humans by the end of the century according the scientists around the world? Is there a plan for preventing these catastrophic changes?
  10. Provide a history of the concept of climate change – from the time when it was first used as a term by scientists to before when its effects could first be measured.
  11. Discuss the sensitive issue concerning the rise of greenhouse gas emissions but the relative stagnant rise in temperatures compared to what was believed would have happened.

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