The Illegal Drug Trade

Of all the causes of organized crime that can be listed, drugs are perhaps the most influential. Millions of lives have been ruined by the illegal narcotics trade and the possibility exists that even more will suffer as countries resist legislative reforms. This essay will look at some of the reasons this trade is as detrimental as it is as well as some of its most negative consequences.

Supply and Demand

Illegal substances cannot be sold in regular markets openly. As a result they are harder to access. The majority of substances that are illegal are addictive so that people who want them are willing to pay a premium for them. For unscrupulous business people, this is a very attractive business model. Addicts can reach the stage where they will risk their health, reputation and even their lives just to access more of their chosen substance. They will work harder than anyone else to ensure continued access to it. This stimulates the dealer’s greed so the trade is likely to continue.

Indigent Poverty

While the top financiers of this trade are wealthy, they often utilize the poor to sell their products at an individual level. People who are trapped in the cycle of poverty can be convinced to hide drugs within their bodies and cross borders to earn enough money to make life easier temporarily. They can also be convinced to assist in the growth and processing of dangerous substances.

Dangerous Processes

The growth of plants from which illegal substances are grown can be a very dangerous process. These fields are often booby-trapped to protect them from thieves and law enforcement officials and accidents will happen. In terms of methamphetamine production there are chemicals involved which are highly explosive when combined. The people who attempt this process are not always professionals and many have died as a result.

Legislative Issues

People who are caught using or selling drugs can be charged and sent to jail for most or all of their productive years. This affects not just them or their immediate families but their entire countries and communities. People who could otherwise be contributing to society end up draining it as the state pays for their lodging, meals and health-care.

The abuse of drugs can have terrible side effects but that has more to do with the scourge of addiction than the substances themselves. It is important to remember that as the war on drugs continues with little hope of winning.


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