Coming Up With Interesting Essay Topics For High School Students

It’s highly unlikely to find a high school student who likes writing essays. These assignments seem dull and boring. However, students agree that they have more fun when they’re working on truly interesting topics. If you don’t have a topic given by your teacher, you should use one of the following methods in order to come up with an interesting one. The most popular method is to brainstorm the ideas with your classmates. The easiest one is to ask your teacher to give you a sample topic to consider. However, in the age of the Internet, you can find dozens of great ideas online, along with tips and suggestions on how to choose the right one for you.

Watching the News to Find Interesting Argumentative Essay Ideas

It’s a good idea to watch the news since they announce dozens of new topics every day. They tell the audience about outstanding research, online ratings, social issues, environmental hazards, etc. Some potential ideascould include the following:

  • The arguments and counter-arguments for less gun control
  • The right for gay marriage
  • Sustainable development and the role of responsible consumption
  • The benefits of healthy nutrition
  • Driving laws and car accident rates
  • Raise of violence in developing countries

Figuring Out What You Like to Develop Perfect Persuasive Essay Topics

You can find a perfect topic for a persuasive paper if you consider something you like writing about. It’s easier to persuade the readers if you write about something personal, something that you’re passionate about, or a subject that deeply concerns you. Sample ideas below might spark your interest:

  • Sex education in high school
  • Handmade products and their impact on local economies
  • Adoption in the third world countries
  • Distance learning as a great possibility for students from low income families
  • Why some countries don’t convert to the metric system
  • Techniques used by fast-learners

Brainstorming Contrast and Compare Essay Ideas

You can brainstorm nice contrast and compare essay ideas. However, it’s recommended to prepare a short outline of your paper before you start writing it, so you’ll ensure that you have enough similarities and differences between the two subjects to produce an interesting paper. You can generate topics similar to those written below:

  • Chinese and American higher education
  • Communication in person vs. online communication
  • Germany’s current government and its former government
  • Traditional energy sources vs. alternative solutions
  • Health conditions: having too much sleep vs. lack of sleep
  • Eating at restaurants vs. cooking at home

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