How To Write A Good Essay About Tommy Hilfiger: Tips & Tricks

If you are pursuing a degree in fashion designing, then you need to know about the life and career of all the famous personalities who have continuously innovated something new and continuously redefined the world of fashion. Among the huge number of famous fashion designers you will need to know, Tommy Hilfiger forms one of them. In order to know him well and his signature style, you can look up to the other services where you will get to know about him. If you are given to write an essay on him, you need to gather all the information about him.

Let us see how you can write an essay on him.

Tips to write about Tommy Hilfiger

When you are writing about any person, you have to include all the important events, happenings about him/her.

  1. In the introduction part, introduce your reader in short regarding who is Tommy Hilfiger and why is he such a brand name. Begin with a friendly approach so that your reader feels interested in knowing about him more.
  2. Then began the body with writing about his early life, his background and how he grew up. Include details about his parents and what inspired him to pursue the path of fashion designing. Then move on to disclose how he began his professional life that he used to customize the jeans and the bell bottom pants which he bought from New York and used to sold in Elmira.
  3. Include all the points regarding:

    • The first store he opened which he named People’s Place and slowly earned his repute as a clothes designer.
    • He then moved to New York and opened his own brand, Tommy Hilfiger Corporation.
    • How his corporation slowly went on to become an international brand of big repute.
    • Write about his professional establishments with a number of reputed global celebrities and ending this segment with him being announced as a fashion consultant on American Idol.

  4. Write about his product lines like Hilfiger Denim, Red Label, Tommy Girl and the like.
  5. Include details about his personal life.
  6. In the final section of the body write about the criticism he has faced during his professional life.
  7. In the conclusion, summarize about his contribution to the fashion industry and the fashion wear. Wrap up the conclusion is saying why he will be a timeless figure in the world of fashion.

These are the points you need to mention while you are compiling a write-up about him.


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