Sixteen Cause And Effect Expository Essay Topics On Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has written a number of books, most of which have come to be a significant part of the literary work that is studied in schools. Because of this reason there is a good chance that you may be asked to write a cause and effect essay on any of his literary works, including the likes of The Notebook, The Wedding or even The Choice. Since you do not have a means of predicting what your teachers can ask you to do from time to time, perhaps the best alternative for you is to consider learning how to structure topics, or learn how to work with a few that you have been given. Here are some simple titles that should guide you:

  1. Discuss the concept of the theme of relationships in Safe Haven and how it develops the story
  2. Explain how the third person style assists in the development of the plot
  3. Discuss why setting the book Safe Haven in Southport, North Carolina is effective
  4. “Sometimes starting over is exactly what a person needs” discuss in the context of Safe Haven
  5. Explain “My favorite Dickens novel is Great Expectations” and how this helps in the development of Safe Haven
  6. Discuss this statement as used in Safe Haven “You’ve been giving me things and you’ve got to stop”
  7. Explain two narrative techniques that manifest in The Notebook
  8. Discuss how flashback has been effectively used in The Notebook
  9. In The Notebook, Noah is the narrator in the first and last chapters only, explain how this affects the development of the story
  10. Discuss how love, fate and free will are intertwined in The Notebook
  11. What is the significance of the four leaf clover given to Amanda by Dawson in The Best of Me?
  12. Discuss the importance of the handkerchief that Tuck choses to have in The Best of Me
  13. Why did Amanda choose to pick Tuck and Clara’s wedding picture from his house?
  14. Discuss the theme and the development of soul mates as use in The Best of Me
  15. The Best of Me is written from a third person perspective, explain how this makes the plot more alive
  16. Discuss how the theme used in The Wedding helps to develop the story by Nicholas Sparks indicating how it flows from the beginning to the end

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