Reasons For A Belief In God

There are many different ways that people have thought up for how the universe came into being. Although there are such a great deal of variances between them, they can usually be explained as either one of two things: it all happened all of a sudden without any real reason or everything that we see around us was created by a higher being that we call ‘God’. This higher being is given different characteristics depending on who is doing the explaining but most if not all cultures in their original form have some concept of this. Here are a few reasons for this continued belief.

  • Unexplained Mysteries
  • For very primitive societies, there can be many situations that cause concern and cannot be explained with the existing knowledge. In such cases, there is simply no other recourse but to see God as existing. Even without very advanced science, there are things that cannot be explained. There is still a missing link in the evolutionary chain. There still is not a definitive explanation for why the big bang took place.

  • A Source of Hope
  • Beyond the need for answers other people believe because they need to think that someone is out there looking out for them. Knowing that God is there and cares helps make difficult times easier to bear and can even provide strength to people who rightfully should not have any left. This hope can be a very powerful force when wielded correctly.

  • A Religious Upbringing
  • There are people whose main reason for believing is that thy were taught about their religion at a very early age. Things that are passed down in this fashion are very hard to discard in adulthood. Most such people are content with their beliefs so this i not much of a problem.

  • A Clear Path to Morality
  • Religions generally are very explicit about what their followers should or should not do to stay on the track to salvation and eternity with the Almighty. This can be a source of relief for people who would prefer not to have to wonder whether their actions are correct or wrong at each turn.

Just as their are many arguments that can be put forward for a belief in God, there are quite a few that can be made to the contrary. This comes down to a personal choice for each individual.


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