How To Select Interesting College Essay Topics In Accounting

When asked to create an Accounting research paper or essay, how do you know which topic among the various subjects is right for you? You may have a fair idea but may be skeptical if it is the right choice for you.

A few things to note while choosing your Accounting topic.

What interests you about accounting the most? Watching the financial markets, studying trends, auditing, personal financing, commercial financing, tax laws, or just good old bookkeeping. This should be the first question you should ask yourself. This means that you should already have a good understanding of the basic concepts in that field and/or have access to them.

The second question should be, do you have prior training, certification and/or working knowledge in this area? If the answer is yes to both, you are off to a great start.

Next, consider what plans you have for your future in Accounting. Do you want to be involved in money markets, stocks, taxation, work for a big accounting firm, start out your own consulting services, etc.? If you already have an idea as to what you want to do or at the least have a general perception, you are off to an excellent start.

Another thing to note is always to talk to your mentors about the topic you have decided to write on. A mentor can be your parents, your professor, your counselor, your colleague; essentially anyone who has previous experience in the field you are concerned with. A person who already has a solid understanding of the subject in the real world will be an excellent advisor for you.

Some topics you could consider.

  • Debt Management
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Auditing
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Services
  • Tax Audits
  • Market Trends
  • Small Business Finance
  • Personal Finance

This is nowhere close to an exhaustive list of subjects in accounting research papers. You should also note that many subjects are broken down into various categories and subcategories. So before taking up your task, make sure you choose something that you will be comfortable with doing thorough research on.

In summation

By choosing the right college essay topic, your assignment becomes so much easier, and you have greater odds of achieving a higher score. The repercussions of choosing a bad Accounting topic will leave you frustrated and thereby make you exert too much to even achieve a passable score. Writing is not easy. It is very taxing and takes a lot of patience.

Also, last but not least, lest we forget, your imminent employment prospects may very well be pertinent to your scores.


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