14 Essay Topics For Efficient GED Test Practice

The General Educational Development or GED test includes an essay as an important component. It accounts for 35% of the total language score, so students should have an efficient essay writing practice if they want to pass the writing section. Since the essay exam employs a wide variety of topics, students should prepare to respond to different prompts in an effective manner. Each question requires a specific type of response, e.g. a comparison and contrast, description, explanation, narration, or argumentation. It’s important to understand which one you should write in order to succeed. The following list of sample GED essay topics will help you get ready for the test:

  1. Tell about a lesson that you’ve learned recently. You might write about a negative experience if you wish.
  2. Describe the happiest period of your life and explain your choice.
  3. Consider what world problem is the most urgent today. Provide strong arguments to support your point of view.
  4. Explain why you like doing something, e.g. playing video games, doing sports, drawing, singing, etc. Try to be specific.
  5. If you had an unlimited amount of money, how would you spend it? Will you use it for yourself, your family, or friends?
  6. Write about a person who helped you make a tough decision in your life. Don’t forget to explain why you followed this person’s advice.
  7. Argue with the statement that “experience is the best teacher”. Why do you have to read books then?
  8. Discuss what characteristics a good parent should have. Provide several real life examples.
  9. List the main reasons why you came back to school this year. What are your expectations?
  10. If you could choose where to live and what to do, where would you go? Would you like to move to another continent?
  11. People can’t change their past. Is there anything you would like to change about your childhood at any cost?
  12. Imagine that you have only a few years left to live. What are you going to do first? What will you change in your life?
  13. Compare two different cuisines and explain which one you like more. Would you learn how to prepare your favorite dishes if you had enough time?
  14. Do you agree that grades don’t matter much in the educational system and should be cancelled? How do you feel about being evaluated and compared with other students?

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