The 10 Best Ideas For 5th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

It might be difficult for a 5th grader to come up with an interesting essay topic. Even parents will be little help in this case as few adults remember their own school years in great detail. So, they might not be able to gauge the level of knowledge a child of this age must possess, which makes choosing a good topic very hard.

Here are a few suggestions of suitable 5th grade essay topics:

  1. Rock and fossil fuels.
  2. This paper should cover the origins of these particular materials and their uses today. You should help your child gather the information on the latter subject as well as explain the role of these fuels in the energy system of the country.

  3. Math games and puzzles as educational tools.
  4. Write a short overview of the most popular puzzles and math games. Have the child analyze his or her own experiences with them and explain how they can help in learning.

  5. Rodents.
  6. List the types of rodents you know, explain their role in the eco-system. You can also focus on rodents as pests and list the reasons why they are dangerous.

  7. Early America.
  8. This is a good choice for children fascinated with history. Choose one narrow topic and do everything within your power to help the child research it thoroughly. You can even visit some historical monuments to gather information.

  9. Dinosaurs.
  10. The vast majority of children love the topic of dinosaurs, so it should be easy to motivate them to work on this essay. The information can be obtained from numerous books and natural history museums.

  11. Solar system and planets.
  12. This paper can focus on one particular planet, the mechanics of celestial movements, spaceships and expeditions, etc.

  13. Killer sharks.
  14. This topic is relevant for those who live in the areas inhabited by sharks. This essay will teach the child what to look out for and allow him or her to share this very important knowledge with friends.

  15. Fun facts about American culture.
  16. This is a good choice for anyone as children should be encouraged to learn about the culture of their country. During the research, they should make many interesting discoveries.

  17. Cartoons.
  18. This essay should explain the role of cartoons in children’s lives. Be sure to mention both the educational influence and an opportunity for some stress relief.

  19. Internet and kids.
  20. If your children use the Internet, working on this paper can help them understand the risks of using this source of information and teach them some responsibility.


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