25 Thought-Provoking Environmental Science Essay Questions

Environmental science is one of the most intriguing subjects or courses that you can ever take up at the moment. The main reason for this is because we are living in a time when issues concerning the environment are actually all over the news. For your paper, you will need to come up with some incredible ideas, so that you are able to challenge your teacher on a higher level. The following are some of the best ideas that you can present for your paper:

  1. Explain the role that the community has to play in environmental health
  2. Discuss some career paths for students in this field
  3. Explain the importance of these studies to the availability of clean water
  4. Explain environmental hypocrisy theories that have been propagated over the years
  5. Discuss whether reducing global warming is an impossible task
  6. Explain the current environmental crisis
  7. Discuss what environmental hysteria is all about
  8. Discuss the key tenets of environmental science
  9. Explain how the army contravenes environmental compliance
  10. Discuss the challenges that air travel poses to the environment
  11. Explain how skiing affects the environment
  12. Discuss the impact of tourism on the environment
  13. Explain how a housing estate affects the environment we live in
  14. Discuss how the theater industry (cinema) has affected the environment
  15. Cite relevant sources, and explain how quarrying affects the environment
  16. Discuss some petitions for environmental conservation
  17. Discuss the environmental disaster that was witnessed in the Love Canal
  18. Explain how deforestation eventually affects the environment
  19. Explain the challenge of environmental displacement
  20. Discuss the benefits of implementing environmental action on a global perspective
  21. Discuss the crisis between the environment and the economy
  22. Explain the impact that water reservoirs have on the environment
  23. Clearly explain, citing relevant examples, how overpopulation affects the environment
  24. Discuss environmental apathy in the growing population of young adults
  25. Explain how the world has been greenwashed, with misleading claims of benefits of environmental concerns

The issue of the environment is a subject that is constantly under discussion. It is therefore important for you to ensure that you address it based on relevant studies. Use most recent research material so that your paper can conform to the necessary guidelines that have been set by your learning institution and you will have things easier.


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