A List Of Original Argumentative Essay Topics On Capital Punishment

Here is a list of interesting argumentative essay ideas on capital punishment:

  1. Should all countries ban the death penalty, Give reasons to support your stance
  2. Show the pros and cons of death penalty, do you agree with what experts say about capital punishment
  3. What crimes make a person legible for capital punishment, is it fair to leave a child molester alive and happy on the streets
  4. How effective is the technique of sending serious convicts to war and asking them to kill the innocents without any sense of right or wrong
  5. How many states in the US have abolished the death penalty and why
  6. How many states in the UK still practice death penalty or capital punishment?
  7. People who think death penalty is wrong, how do they suggest to eradicate murder, rape and other such crimes or discourage the criminals
  8. If a terrorist is not hanged to death, what message does it deliver to the people for their safety and to other terrorists for planning more killings
  9. No one has the right to kill anyone but the law does, if the law thinks someone deserves to die then he or she should
  10. Is there any level of biasness in announcing capital punishment for people from different religions, race, or culture?
  11. The conflict between bible and the current punishment system in the UK
  12. Does every individual has some basic level of goodness and it can be revived so we should not kill them
  13. What are different methods for death penalty and which one is the most effective and fast
  14. Do you agree with hanging a group of child rapist in front of the entire public or stoning them to death? Will you have the same opinion if the victim or the molester was someone you know
  15. What places or countries in the world still practice capital punishment and why
  16. Should someone receive capital punishment in case of treachery with the country, state or part in terrorist activities
  17. What if the accused was not actually guilty but everything was plotted against him, how that ethically justifies a decision of capital punishment for an innocent
  18. Can death penalty be delayed or removed for a criminal after the court announces it. In what situations is this possible and how does that justify the respect and honor of the law

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