Dealing With Common College Essay Topics Effectively

When applying for college, you will have many steps to complete. You need to belong to a club, have community service hours, have good grades, have good standardized test scores, and know where you might want to apply for college. One step in applying for some school sis the common essay. This is an essay that can be used for several applications. Often it is used for the state universities you apply to. It is nice that you only have to write the one paper, but you want the paper to be your absolute best example of writing. When ready to pen this paper, make sure the paper of a reflection of you, that the composition is error free, that the writing is easy to read an understand, and that the paper shows a growth or positive change you have made.

A Reflection of You

If the university wants to know who you are, the composition must show them. You should write it, not someone else. You should not pretend to be someone you are not. And when you are finished there should be things in the paper that show you are unique. If your admission reads like everyone else’s admission, then you have not made yourself stand out from the crowd.

Error Free Composition

There should ne no mistakes, not even one mistake. If editing and proofing is not your specialty, then hire someone to proof it for you.

Easy to Read and Understand

If your reader has to struggle to read the reflection, then you have a problem. It should flow, use correct vocabulary choices, and make sense to the college admissions officer.

Show Your Growth and Positive Change

Most admission officers want to see a composition that shows your personal growth or a lesson you have learned. It is acceptable to make a mistake, but the bottom line is did you learn from the mistake. You have to convey the change you made due to the fault. You cannot indicate that you continue to make the mistake or that you did not learn anything from the incident.

It is nice that there are common essay topics. This will save you a lot of time as you work your way through the application to attend university. Remember, it should be a reflection of you, error free, easy to read, and show a positive growth in your behavior.


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