Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who is popularly known as just Mozart was one of the greatest musical composers of all time. He was born in 1756 and passed on in the year 1791. His musical talent started showing at an early age of just five years. At this time, his skills on the keyboard and with violin were just marvellous. As a teenager, he actually presented a musical piece to the royalty in Salzburg. Following is a discussion of his life and work.

Mozart’s early life

Mozart was the youngest in a family of seven children. Unfortunately, five of his siblings did not live beyond their infancy. His skills could have come to life due to his father and sister’s influence. For instance, at a tender age, Mozart used to watch his father teach his sister how to play the keyboard. While still in his early years, he travelled across European with his family. During these journeys, he and his sister actually performed musical pieces at different places. It was during these performances and journeys that Mozart met established musicians of the time. Johann Christian Bach was one of these musicians who really influenced the development of Mozart. After his travel to Italy, he returned to Salzburg where he got a job within the Salzburg court, definitely as a musician. During his employment, he worked on many genres such as symphonies, serenades and operas. Unfortunately, his music talent did not make him as much money as anyone would imagine. Financially, he was just like any other common man.

Mozart’s musical style

The music composed and performed by Mozart was mainly of the classical style. He did not develop new styles but he gave his own touch to each genre that he worked on. His pieces had certain levels of sophistication and the emotional part of these pieces cannot be ignored. Classical music has three main elements: being clear, being balanced and being transparent. Whichever piece that Mozart worked on always had these three elements. In addition to doing classical music, Mozart also had the rare ability of including features common in other genres of music in his own work. Apart from writing and performing musical pieces, Mozart also influenced a number of musicians. Examples of these musicians are Johann Nepmuk Hummel and Ludwig van Beethoven. Hummel played a huge role in transitioning of musical times from classical to romantic times.

Even though Mozart lived more than a century ago, his music is still refreshing to many people. This shows he was an extraordinary composer and artist.


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