A List Of Great Sample Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College

A cause and effect essay is written by determining a scenario where an event or action resulted in the occurrence of specific events. You will need to explain exactly what took place and why that it happened. The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to identify any patterns that are visible, and explain the exact reason for things turning out the way that they ultimately did. These are commonly assigned by professors to get students to think about the consequences of an action, and they can be quite enjoyable to write. If you are looking for some topics to choose from, here is a list of great cause and effect topics that you can browse through:

  • What causes sibling rivalry?
  • How does the relationship that a daughter has with her father effect her future relationships with other men?
  • What is the effect of being a twin, or triplet, etc?
  • What are the effects on children who have parents that are very famous or extremely wealthy?
  • What causes people to be homeless?
  • What effects does inadequate sanitation have on communities?
  • What is the effect of the growing number of baby boomers who are starting to reach retirement age?
  • What has caused the increase in Western countries of international adoptions?
  • What effect does not taking all of a prescribed medication have on the future health of those who are ill?
  • What effect does globalization have on the spread of various diseases?
  • What effect has climate change had on infectious medical diseases?
  • What is causing the increase in people who are seeking non-Western cures for illness and pain management?
  • What effect does the use of social media have on relationships?
  • What are the causes of cyber bullying?
  • What are the causes for the popularity of certain video games?
  • Does shopping online cause people to spend more money than they normally would?
  • What effect did the second World War have on people who are Jewish?
  • From the viewpoint of the British people, what were the causes and the effects of the American Revolution?
  • What are the continuing effects of slavery on society as a whole?
  • What is the cause of all the drugs wars in countries such as Columbia?
  • What are the effects on children who receive a home school education?
  • What effect does being labelled "gifted" have on students?

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