7 Interesting Ideas For Writing An Expository Essay About Macbeth

If you would like your expository essay to help you score top marks, it is important for you to follow certain guidelines. This is important as writing an expository essay can be challenging especially when you are asked to write on a fiction character like Macbeth, a fiction character by Shakespeare. However, the topic can also be really interesting for students as they will have to learn a few tips of the writing brilliance by Shakespeare. When asked to write an expository essay on Macbeth, the first step should be to think of the right topic. There are many topics related to this work that you can choose from. Here are some interesting topics and ideas on what to write about on Macbeth.

  1. Macbeth: Shakespeare’s tragic hero
  2. The story of Macbeth is a classic example of a tragic hero story and therefore this is one of the topics that is worth exploring. When a character is referred to as a tragic hero, he must be a great man who is admired in the society. He should get to the top before landing to the bottom as a result of fate. This description fits Macbeth quite well.

  3. Macbeth and the Spanish Tragedy
  4. In all great tragedies, there is a psychological downfall of a protagonist. You can argue your expository essay from this school of thought by comparing the Spanish Tragedy and Macbeth.

  5. The tragedy of Macbeth
  6. There are people who believe that the plays by Shakespeare all have a tragedy in them. You can find a very good argument to write on this theory and Macbeth is one of the works that can support your argument.

  7. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth aren’t evil
  8. You can raise an argument that these two characters are not evil but are only good people who make poor judgment.

  9. Macbeth: Why looks can deceive
  10. This essay topic should examine how this idea has been developed in the play by Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and King Duncan.

  11. Why Macbeth shows a domineering character
  12. You can discuss why Lady Macbeth is responsible for crimes occurring in the play. While Macbeth and his wife had a good relationship that was full of admiration and trust, the two showed different opinions on how they were to seize the crown.

  13. Macbeth’s flawed character
  14. The downfall of Macbeth is as a result of his flawed character.


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