Generation Gap

This is the difference between the ‘modern’ present day young people and parents in terms of views, attitude, opinions and general understanding of life issues. Generation gap is experienced everywhere in the world but less intensely in the developed countries compared to the developing. This is also witnessed in the differences in tastes and interests of children and their parents.

Initially, it may have been there but it got pronounced in the 1960’s when the young people did not just adhere to what their parents had belief in. This problem is evident in every social setting where the organization of the settings is made to suit each group like in churches and clubs where there are services designed for each group.

Dominant aspects of Generation gap

Communication is made different to the previous one by adapting slang that creates hardship in communication across the young and old groups. A certain group, old or young age becomes mindful of the interests and values of that particular group by living together. Growth and development of the young is impacted upon by their similar aged members hence growing with their own different interpretations of life from their parents.

The skills employed in communication by the young people have phased out the previously used skills. The young people prefer employing technological advancements such as text messaging using cellular phones and sending mails to formal writing and speaking skills.

This creates private circles among themselves hence making wider the gap between them and their parents.

Causes and solutions to generation gap

Changes in the society have played the biggest role in bringing to existence the generation gap. Technological advancements influences change in the social life and drastically separates the young and the old because of the differences in meanings attached to technology by each. How mobile the society has become makes access of information from different people across the world easy which is likely to influence their way of life.

Resolving this problem of generation gap requires an integral approach by the young and old. Each party needs to understand the importance of cooperation and be willing to compromise their positions where need be for the good of both of them. Important to mention, interaction between old people and the young would be of great benefit since the old have wealthy minds from their real life experiences to pass to the young and the young can actively contribute to advancement of technology


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