20 Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics On Death Of A Salesman

The very essence of an argumentative essay means that you are supposed to speak about your point of view regarding certain objects or situations, having quite reliable arguments. That is, if you choose a work of literature as a source of your essay topics, you need to remember that you are supposed to speak quite a lot about it.

If you need a good essay topic dedicated to a work of literature, search on the Web, at special resources. They can provide you with excellent topics and many interesting ideas as well as literature reviews that are also available on the Web.

For example, a list of good topics dedicated to the famous Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller can look the following way:

  1. The fate of Willy Loman as embodiment of the “American dream”.
  2. Reasonability of Willy’s faith in inevitability of luck in the society of equal opportunities.
  3. Willy Loman’s destiny as an example of living in the world of illusions.
  4. Willy Loman as a character of a universal meaning.
  5. Was Willy the one to blame for problems he had with his family and sons?
  6. Did Willy have any other way except committing suicide for the sake of his family?
  7. The play Death of a Salesman as a sample of social criticism of a bourgeois lifestyle.
  8. The play Death of a Salesman as a sample of deeply philosophical and psychological view at a person’s life.
  9. The play Death of a Salesman as a sample of discovery of wrongful illusions that ruin people’s lives.
  10. Falseness of Willy’s dual perception of his life at his age, his abilities and reality.
  11. Collapse of Biff’s world after the collapse of his father’s image in his eyes.
  12. Willy’s illusions as a reflection of his hidden need of support.
  13. Did Willy’s despair in the end of the play really have ground?
  14. Was Biff’s leaving reasonable and necessary?
  15. Your idea of further development of the situation after Willy’s death.
  16. Does Willy’s philosophy “Be liked and you will never want” work?
  17. Willy’s contribution to his son’s habits: stealing, obsession with women.
  18. Your understanding of Linda’s statement “life is casting off”.
  19. Is Biff’s life a failure, just like he feels, or is he too critical towards himself?
  20. The meaning of Miller’s choice of means of narration for the play. The role of illusions and memories of the main characters.

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