A List Of Great College-Level Persuasive Essay Topics

Are you wondering how to compose an effective assignment for your college in the given time that you have? Do you need to come up with fresh ideas to compose a unique topic for your persuasive essay? Do you think it is difficult to convince the readers of your ideas if you lack enough supporting evidence? Do you have plenty of ideas in your mind for your paper but not sure how to organize them? Do you need to choose a topic that can define the scope of your paper? Are you worried because the topic selection is taking longer than expected? Are you running out of time and need to make a quick decision with your title of the paper? Do you think it is important to select a unique topic to engage your readers in the paper?

This is important for you to ask these questions and find answers to these questions because you want to score well in your paper. A topic is very critical part about your essay because it decides the overall scope and direction of your essay. Your reader can judge by looking at your topic whether he wants to continue reading your paper or not. If you want to write a persuasive assignment then your topic should allow that scope. You need to give enough flexibility to your audience so that they can identify the scope and purpose of your paper by looking at your topic.

List of topics for college level students for a persuasive paper

  1. Drugs are stronger than alcohol in effecting the mental growth and thinking abilities
  2. Freelance writing is more profitable than working on a regular job
  3. Domestic violence can have a large influence on the practical life of the individuals who face it as kids
  4. People with criminal record may have a strong background of child abuse
  5. Bad parenting does not only effect the kid but the next generation to come
  6. Helicopter parenting is better than free range parenting for both genders
  7. Free range parenting is better than helicopter parenting for both genders
  8. Girls are better than boys in science subjects
  9. Boys are better than girls in math and related subjects
  10. Education and health should be public goods
  11. Health and education need to be private goods
  12. Service oriented businesses are less profitable than product oriented business

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