How To Write The Concluding Paragraph In A Compare-And-Contrast Literary Essay?

There are three key divisions in a well crafted paper- an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction establishes the beginning of the paper and gives the reader a brief idea about what to expect. The body holds the core argument of the paper comprising of many paragraphs. The conclusion wraps up the argument of the paper suitably. In a compare and contrast essay the conclusion must summarize the paper’s major points and also provide a finishing outlook.

  • Compare and Contrast Essays
  • When a paper represents two ideas and discusses the similarities and differences of the two ideas then it is known as a compare and contrast essay. At certain times, such papers may only discuss similarities of the two ideas or may only talk about their differences.

    The conclusion to this type of paper will comprise of two significant parts- one being the paraphrased thesis and the other being the writer’s viewpoint. These two vital components have been elaborately discussed in the following paragraphs.

  • First Vital Component: Paraphrasing the Thesis Statement
  • In the introduction part of the essay, the thesis statement is written to give the readers a lucid perspective on the topic of the paper and its scope. The beginning two sentences of the conclusion should be the thesis statement but it must be paraphrased. It should not be exactly the same sentence as written in the introductory paragraph.

  • Second Vital Component: The Author's Opinion
  • The essay’s body may comprise of information that are objective by nature but when it comes to the conclusion part, there should be two sentences that denote the writer’s personal viewpoint. Again, when stating the opinion the author should keep in mind not to use first person narrative. It is more appropriate to state one’s stance in third person narrative.

  • Scope of Conclusion
  • As far as the scope of the conclusion goes, it must be restricted to whatever has already been stated in the body and the introduction. The concluding paragraph isn’t a place to mention fresh information. Any information that is to be added should be done in the introduction segment and in the body of the paper. It’s best to stick to a paraphrased thesis statement and the author's opinion in brief. The last sentence of the conclusion segment of the essay is typically the author’s opinion.


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