How To Write An Essay On Your Favorite Book: Basic Suggestions

Writing an essay on your favorite book should not only be simple, but it should be engaging and fun for you as well. Seeing that the essay itself is based off of a book that you are more than familiar with, the process of recording information should be generally simple. It all comes down to how you record your information, and how you present it to your audience. Continue reading this article for tips and suggestions on how to complete an essay that covers your favorite book.

Re-read the book

  • This may seem simple enough, but because most people are more than familiar with their favorite book, they do not think it is necessary to read it again.
  • It certainly would never hurt to make sure that you are completely comfortable with every aspect of the book.
  • The best way to do this is to simply read the book once more.
  • This will help prevent you from leaving out any details.
  • You will have an intensely clear image of all the characters, events, and places in the book, making your job as a writer much, much more simple.

Incorporate yourself into your writing

  • While in some cases it would not be appropriate to insert your direct opinions and thoughts about the book, make sure that your voice is heard in the writing nonetheless.
  • When you incorporate yourself into your writing, you bring forth an interesting aspect that will keep readers intrigued.
  • Personalize your essay. Do not just simply list facts and information. Doing this will not only lose the attention and interest of your readers, but of you as well.
  • If you are able to accurately portray your interest and fondness for the book, it will help readers develop a connection to your writing, and perhaps stimulate them to want to read the book as well.

Use the topic to your advantage

  • Because the essay is to be written on your favorite book, you hold certain advantages.
  • The book will be one that you, of course, take a particular amount of interest in. This will not only make it easier to read it, but it will make it easier to write about.
  • Often times, when students are assigned a book on which to write an essay, they find it difficult to connect with the writing.
  • Use these advantages to better your writing and put forth an intriguing, detailed essay based on your favorite book.

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