A List Of Outstanding 6-Page Argumentative Essay Topics

If you’re instructed to write an argumentative essay, the first thing you should do is find a good topic for your paper. If you’re interested in the topic that you’re writing about, a teacher will see your enthusiasm and you’ll get some extra points for your final score. Unfortunately, good ideas don’t always come to mind. Below, you may look at the list of interesting topics for an argumentative essay.

  1. Gender roles.
  2. You may raise your arguments for or against the statements made by feminists who claim that there shouldn’t be distinctions between men and women.

  3. Music that heals.
  4. Find evidence that music that you like might practically heal you. Explain why it’s your taste rather than the actual genre that matters.

  5. Violent video games.
  6. Prove the statement that violent video games shouldn’t be sold to children. Find real life cases to support your words.

  7. Placebo effect.
  8. Raise your arguments to prove that with the help of a placebo effect almost any disease can be easily cured at its initial stage.

  9. Arranged marriages.
  10. Provide the readers with real life examples that prove that arranged marriages should be banned and that people should choose whom to marry by themselves.

  11. Global language.
  12. In the modern world, governments of all countries should agree on some global language that children all over the planet should learn at school.

  13. Junk food.
  14. Prove that it’s better to skip some meals than replace them with junk food. State that it’s better to eat only healthy food.

  15. Humor.
  16. Find evidence to demonstrate that humor might help you cope with any kind of stress or difficult situations.

  17. Nietzsche and Nazism.
  18. Raise your arguments to prove that ideologists of Nazism understood and conveyed the philosophy of Nietzsche in a wrong way.

  19. Jargon words.
  20. Present the evidence that shows that jargon is the inevitable result of the language evolution and there is no way to get rid of it.

  21. Parenting.
  22. Find arguments to support the statement that all couples should take parenting classes before they decide to have children.

  23. Anorexia.
  24. Fashion designers should use athletic women rather than very slender ones as models in order not to stimulate young girls to lose weight and starve.

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