List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Politics

The political sector is one field that encompasses of numerous argumentative essay topics ranging from one that is easy to debate on, to one that is complex. Its complexity brings out its uniqueness. Wanting to write a captivating argumentative essay is one thing and having the knowledge of how to go about it, is another.

Writing tips

As the heading states, it is either a debate for or against a given motion. However, for a good custom essay, it should always include both sides of the debate. Carry out a thorough research for both sides to ensure you raise convincing points. The topic of your choice should not only spark a great interest to you but as well as to your readers. Have strong and reasonable points.

Essay structure

  • Introduction
  • This is the point where you establish a foundation. It should easily grab the attention of your readers; have information as to why you have chosen that topic and finally the last part should be your thesis.

  • Body
    • Establishment of your argument. At this point you include all facts and examples you have gathered to back up your stand.
    • Opponent's views. It is always good to ensure you include the opinions of your opponents. They should also be followed by evidences gathered from different sources.
  • Conclusion
  • As you summarize your main points, remember to restate your stand.

    Below is a list of some of the topics based on politics:

    1. Should gay marriage be legalized or remain as a taboo in a society?
    2. The United States needs to reconsider its two-party political system structure in relation to other countries'.
    3. The US government and their army should draw its lines when it comes to intervening in international conflicts.
    4. The American government has the right to come in between and regulate its citizens' eating habits as well as impose tax on unhealthy foodstuffs.
    5. Death penalty is the right way of punishing law breakers and trying to curb criminal activities.
    6. Political practices should be entirely based on morality.
    7. The president has every right and power to do as they wish.
    8. The United States should withdraw from being a member of the United Nations.
    9. Relying on government officials has become a tough thing to do for citizens.
    10. Do religious beliefs matter when it comes to political practices?

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