Is The Death Penalty Effective

Controversy has always surrounded death penalty since its introduction. On one hand, supporters of capital punishment feel that death penalty increases safety in a society and is a just form of punishment to criminals. Death penalty however does what it fights to prevent and that makes it detrimental to the society. Civilized and democratic countries abolished death penalty due to its inhumane nature. Some countries like the US stand in support and its constitution allows capital punishment instead of death penalty since the latter is not only ineffective but also inappropriate. In addition, there is no moral ground for capital punishment. History also shows that that death penalty has led to execution of innocent people. Therefore, there are no guarantees that innocent people will not be executed again through death penalty, and hence its ineffectiveness.

Actually, the discussion should not be on the effectiveness of death penalty but should be on the morality of the act. Even though a state has the responsibility of keeping a country safe, it does not have the moral authority to kill anyone. This is not morally right. Justice depicts that the criminal should put the claimant in the same position as before the crime was committed. It is however unfortunate that there is no compensation for death and thus many people advocate for punishment by death. This will however lead to two murders where one is allowed by the state. Many will even quote the bible with to justify their revenge intentions. This has however been interpreted in many ways and with the aim of justifying death penalty. It is not right to take the life of another person just as a punishment for a wrong done no matter the nature of the crime. Murder either by state organs or by any other person is a crime and should not be accepted.

All democracies have constitutions that give everyone a right of their own live. It will thus be a bleach of the constitution to kill another person as a form of punishment. Besides killing any person be it for punishment or not just deters any state some life. Statistics have shown that death penalty is not an effective in deterrence of crime. Failure of there being any other way to serve justice for any person that has taken another life should not make people turn to death penalty. It is not effective but only adds to moral crimes.


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