Lives On The Boundary

“Lives on the boundary” is a piece of literature that was written by Mike Rose. The book addresses the challenges that most students undergo in schools. Also, the book discusses the biased criteria used by teachers to measure and gauge the academic strengths of different students. Specifically, the book focuses on the challenges that students from poor backgrounds face while struggling to maintain academic excellence to match their teachers’ demands based on his life as a student.

Based on his life as a student, the book addresses the changes that education system should incorporate in its education system to gauge different students depending on their capabilities. Mike points out that the American education system is faulty in rating students academically and in the way it associates academic success with the social classes of students. Mike adds that though students from poor backgrounds may face various constraints through their education, they eventually succeed academically.

Overview of Lives on the Boundary

The book is composed of different stories that address teachers, students and the education system in America. According to Mike, the importance of these stories goes beyond the events and outcomes at the particular moment. The stories are very relevant as they can be used to identify the faultiness of the education system in the country and to explore the interconnection between academic performance and social class. Since its publication, the book has gained a wide range of audience that include students from high schools who are trying to manage their ways into institutions of higher learning, people who had to undergo an education system that never addresses their capabilities but eventually succeeded academically and teachers.

The book focuses on immigrants who perceive themselves as academically displaced or academically inadequate but feel the need to succeed academically. The book tries to console all the students who face struggles and constraints through their education. Mike points out, students should persevere through their studies irrespective of the challenges they might be facing these challenges are not necessarily out of their making. He adds that these challenges are part of student’s lives but do not necessarily depict their academic successes and failures.

Contributions of lives on the boundary

The book “Lives on the Boundary” has made a great impact on the education system in many countries. Teachers and tutors who read the book receive a new perception of their students. They no longer perceive academic excellence as a factor of social class. On the other hand, the book is very crucial in academically motivating students from poor backgrounds.


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